Tenganan Village Field Trip Review

By Esther Lia Margaretha, Student of Masters Program in Tourism Studies, Udayana University, 2016.


International students of Masters Program in Tourism Studies Udayana University made a field work to the old village of Tenganan Pegeringsingan, east Bali (Photos Esther Lia Margaretha)

On Thursday, exactly November 3rd 2016, we are the International Class of Program in Tourism Studies Udayana University, Denpasar, went to Tenganan Village, Karangasem, east Bali. We were going with Prof. I Wayan Ardika as part of the course on heritage tourism. There are five students from Germany in our class who also came to Tenganan with us.

The purpose of this field trip is learning deeper and analyzing about Tenganan Village as a Cultural Heritage Site in Bali Island.

Prof. Ardika gave us the briefing first about this field trip and explained about what we need to do there, and also about the analyze review as a homework. The journey from Denpasar to Tenganan Village is taken time about 1 hour to 1,5 hours with Elf-Car as transportation.

An Old Villlage

Tenganan Pegringsingan is a village in the regency of Karangasem in Bali, Indonesia. Tenganan village is one of the oldest Balinese Traditional Village located in Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali. This village is much referred by cultural literature science of Tenganan Pegringsingan, which is very famous in the island.


Its own very unique local community life pattern which is one example of Bali Aga Village cultures (Hindu Prehistoric) and different with other countryside in plain of Bali. Bali Aga was the original inhabitant of Bali, before the arrival of Hindu Javanese.

Tenganan retains its ancient pre-Hindu customs through a strong code of non-fraternization with outsiders, further enforced by the protection of its surrounding walls.

There are some versions of story telling us the history of Tenganan village. One of version said that, the word ‘Tenganan’ was derived from the word “tengah” or “ngatengahang” which means, “move to the inner area”. This derivation of word was having a relation with the movement of the villagers from the seaside to a rural area, in which the position of this village is in the middle of hills, which are western hill (Kauh Hill) and eastern hill (Kangin Hill).

Prof Wayan Ardika briefed us before leaving for Tenganan.

Prof Wayan Ardika briefed us before leaving for Tenganan.

The specification of tourism object at Tenganan Village is consisted of:

  • Countrified pattern of rural having the character of Linear
  • The structure of bilateral society orientation at seniority collective
  • Special Ritual System in high frequency by serving the religion solidarity, artistically and social mechanical solidarity
  • The tradition of mekare-kare on every June is a faith tradition as the screw pine in ritual context, and also accompanied by traditional gamelan of Selonding. In this event, we can see the men fight with the pandan leaves.
  • The Art Crafting Weave of cloth fastens which is famous called by Ikat Pangringsingan

Old Woman Does The Crafting Weave

The products which available at Tenganan Village :

  • Handmade baskets
  • Egg painting products
  • Wooden Craft products (statue, wayang, etc.)
  • Traditional masks
  • The cock fighting – entertainment show
  • The bamboo sheet painting
Eggs painting

Eggs painting

  The house character of community local Tenganan Village :

An house in Tengananan

An house in Tengananan

The house character is still showing the traditional way. They still keep the original influence by the Indian Hindu’s environmental system.

Those are not proper one about the facilities in this village that we can see that the stall/place for local people sell their product is not good enough. The local management of this village need consider more about this, especially the food station. The knowledge of local people about the food storage is inadequate, for example is they put/arrange the mineral water outside under the sunlight directly, it is not good because the water inside will be contaminated by the plastic bottle (chemical reaction); then, they put the food storage near with the cock station, it will give bad influence for healthy aspect, etc. The human resource need to get more any education to improve their quality life in economic sector. It must supposed to be concerned so they can use their nature resource without make any negative risk (sustainable system).

The conclusion that I think they need to make more tourism attraction to attract the visitor to come to their place. As a sample, they play the traditional Balinese traditional music, show the Balinese dance, etc. Also, not only weave station they need to show up, but the wooden craft too. It would be a good idea if they could to living up the situation and environmental without give bad risk.

This community needs to be more concerned about the situation of  Tenganan Village and be creative to see the opportunity to increase the quality of this tourism destination. Time is running and many of tourism attraction will be available outside.

Tenganan Village as a Cultural Heritage tourism need to be survive to face the challenge in tourism sector. The community based tourism there need to be ready to prepare their self to handle this cultural heritage tourism site.