Study Tour to Monkey Forest Ubud, Tourism Magister of Udayana University

To broaden the students’ horizons, study tour plays an important role in considering tourism practices. In this issue, tourism magister of Udayana University has frequently carried out study tour regionally, nationally, and even internationally. In this moment, magister of tourism especially International class in first semester conducted one day visiting to Monkey forest located in Ubud, Bali. This agenda held on Thursday, 25th October 2018 which aimed to comprehend community-based tourism practice.

Monkey forest Ubud is also called as Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana. As it is named, this place was established for special purposive of monkey habitat. In this area also exists sacred monkey forest sanctuary or people called Candi Pura dalem Agung Padangtegal where commonly local culture ceremony celebrated. Beside this area as attraction, it also as a holy place. By inner interest and local awareness of tourism development, societies managed this monkey forests and it is started as tourism destination since 1970s. Pak Buana, the general manager of this destination conveyed that there are more than six hundred of monkeys around there. He also mentioned that having good prospect and considering sustainable development, the forest area has been extended from previously 7 hectare to 22 hectare right now.

It is admitted that all the benefits of monkey forest destination is optimized proportionally to social-culture, economic, and environment. Beside it is invested in maintenances of forest, equipment, building space capacity, reestablishment, the income is also allocated in education and health care services for societies in particular village of Pekraman Padang Tegal, Ubud. For instance, health clinic was built to serve and give free social medical treatment and one of examples in education is full funded scholarship is provided for students who are willing to continue their higher degree and take certain required program such as agriculture and tourism. Other social contribution also varies depending on social needs by the times.

Monkey forest Ubud is a well-known tourism destination in Bali. It can be seen from the total number of visitors is more than one thousand, in the high season can be more than three thousand visitors. Interestingly, international visitors outnumbered domestic visitors. Moreover, many of them come with family and also bring their children. The tools and infrastructure for disable people are also equipped. Therefore, although young generation is relatively less, adult and elderly tend dominate this destination and also strongly recommended to get nature exposed.

The last but not least, in the closing ceremony, Ibu Oka as the head of study program of tourism magister conveyed in her speech that she was very thankful to incredibly friendly warm welcome by the host who has prepared the services and especially Pak Buana as the general manager who was directly involved in accompanying the students of Udayana University during the activity in monkey forest. Ibu oka also encouraged the students to get better understanding of community-based tourism (CBT) implementation in monkey forests, Ubud, Bali.